AhLaN WaSahLaN To My LiFe,......

WeLCoMe To My LiFe...BanYaK BenDa YanG BoLeH KoRanG BoLeH TaU TenTanG aKu ...... My ReaL LiFe.....

Journey To Kuching (Part 1)

I spent my time in Kuching during last christmas..

At first, im supposed to go there alone, but at last minute my sist told me that she wanna join me to travel to kuching.

Well, im just okay with that ..

so our journey started on 24th December

Bersama boarding pass *gmbr x jelas because camerawoman x  terer

My sist...

And there is one more who is excitedly wanna to take a picture also..

Tukang hantar smpi airport saja

After 1hour 30minutes finally we arrived here in Kuching... and keep waiting for Arnizah... She promised to pick me up in the airport.... My sister got bored because we wait for almost 1hour in airport... and i let her play with my phone..

and this is the result.. SELCA !

Keboringan melanda

The first destination, we went to satok... i ate mee kolok for the first time.. unfortunately i forgot to take a photo.. lol.......

Not wasting our time, we went to check in hotel.. Dormani Hotel.. its quite good and comfortable 

At 2 PM we decided to go to Sinar Serapi Eco park

It is quite fun... we go kayaking and do some more activities...

Around 5 PM we leave Sinar Serapi Eco park..

Next destination called as The Spring

It is amazingly cool !
Their decoration for christmas is AWESOME.... Just take a look at the picture then u'll believe me...

I went to MPH and bought 2 novels, 3 comics and also 1 book... First time using my 'Kad Siswa' and excited because in sabah there is no MPH.. They should built one in sabah =_="

After that, we went to eat and for the first time also I eat 'Nasi Arab'.. Quite expensive but it is delicious !

Arnizah's friends brought us to waterfront but since my sist Nora was sooo tired ( she even sleep in the car) so we decided to go back to the hotel and get some rest.. around 9, we arrived at hotel and it is the end of our journey for that day... next part i'll tell u more about my vacation and when i met Encik Nashriq for first time after 8months...



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