AhLaN WaSahLaN To My LiFe,......

WeLCoMe To My LiFe...BanYaK BenDa YanG BoLeH KoRanG BoLeH TaU TenTanG aKu ...... My ReaL LiFe.....

iT is aLReaDy LaTe..

it is already 2.26

when i start to write this entry...

i dont know but i think i dont wanna sleep..maybe because of the assignment..

im feeling dizzy rite now


i think this semester...

i dont give an attention to my study

DAMN ! !

what happen to you syafawani...

it about 1 month before my final

better i start from now on.. to get an excellent pointer..

remember syafawani

you said you wanna get DEAN in this semester...


you wanna be a lawyer....

you have to give a good example to memei, nora, nazim and nazmi..

IF i had to bethe  best that i could to change the fate of family


I WILL be the BEST

it is my promise..to my family

it already 2.36 p.m

and you know what??

im still here..in front of the lappy..

have a class social psychology with madam shatrah tomorrow, and...

tutorial with sir ikmal..

have to go now


syafa Qiesyaz


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